Barrdale Furniture Inspections - totally independent
Barrdale  Furniture Inspections - totally independent 

Barrdale Furniture Inspections has two primary commitments:  outstanding customer service with accurate results.


Barrdale Furniture Inspections keeps customer service at the forefront of its focus in all aspects of its operations. We ensure that the customer receives prompt, friendly, and informative communication throughout the inspection process.  This is achieved through its friendly customer service agents together with knowledgeable service technicians.


The day before the appointment, the customer will receive an  call from us to tell them their time frame and give them some preliminary information and instructions on the inspection process.  The customer will receive another call when the technician leaves the previous stop and is on the way to your property. Once the inspector arrives, he will greet the customer, provide them with an information sheet about the inspection process, and then will begin the actual inspection.  The technician will follow a thorough check-list to evaluate each aspect of the furniture and make neutral, accurate observations.


All of our technicians complete an extensive training program and are tested vigorously on their knowledge and technique prior to being employed on the field. Technicians are outfitted with company shirts, ID tags and required to wear shoe booties before entering your customer’s home.


Barrdale Furniture Inspection’s also is committed to accurate results.  We are a family run business with over 30 years experience in the furniture repair industry.

Overall, Barrdale’s staff takes pride in our company's solid history, together with excellent customer service, and reliable results.


The inspection report consists of an on site visual inspection including notes of retailer, the  dispute with clear digital images, usually taking approx 45 minutes in the home with full report compiled within 10-14 working days depending on the content.




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Member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Trade Association 

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